Here's how the trick works

Washington likes to make it easy

Former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan tells us what Washington is using to destroy your savings.

how to devalue the dollar in 3 easy steps


A little bit of debt can’t hurt us

It took us 200 years to get to the first $1 trillion in debt, but today…


Speed up

deficit spending and get everyone to agree to it and never question it…


Debt does not matter…

Washington added the latest $1 trillion in just 4 months!

And soon, debt will soar even faster as Biden is pushing $4 trillion into the economy in the form of stimulus and infrastructure spending.

But debt matters. Deficit spending on steroids is demolishing the savings of hard-working Americans and passes their wealth to the privileged. Alan Greenspan described the trick this way:

“Deficit spending is simply a scheme for the confiscation of wealth.”

Washington is spending because of its agenda, but are you confident your savings are protected from this hidden tax?

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